I'm traveling by myself. What should I do to book?
If you're traveling alone, you can pick the Single option or the Quadruple option. We'll group travelers in the same situation in Quad Rooms only.
Do we need to leave from the same City if we're in the same room at the Hotel?
Not at all. Rooms and departure cities are independent one from the other. The only thing to keep in mind is that you might not necessarily be in the same bus if you are leaving from different cities.
How Do I sign up?
In order to sign up, each traveller will need to go to www.cdtours.ca/book. Make a 25% deposit at least 45 Days prior to the departure. You can also pay in total upfront. This will save you time and fees. Final payment is due at least 30 Days prior to the departure.
I want to book a trip, however it is passed the deposit deadlines. Can I still book ?
Yes! As long as we have seats available, you can book anytime. If it is past the deposit deadline however, you will need to make the full payment at the time of booking.
What are the Accepted Payment Methods?
The accepted payment methods are: 'Money Order' or 'Brank Draft' made out to 'CD Tours'. Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Interac E-Transfer.
Can I pay with a Credit Card over the phone or in person ?
Unfortunately No. The only way we accept Credit Cards is online on our website.
What are the fees associated with a Credit Card payment?
We accept Credit Card payments via a third-party vendor (PayPal) and there are the transaction fees: 2.9% of the Amount Paid plus 0.30$ per transaction. If you wish to avoid those fees, you can always pay with one of the other payment methods.
I am a Canadian Citizen, do I need a passport?
Starting June 1, 2009, a US law will require all Canadians to present a valid passport to enter the United States by water or land. For further details on the required document to cross the border, please visit Canada Border Services Agency.
I am not a Canadian Citizen, what are the documents I need to enter the USA?
If you are not sure of the documents required to enter the USA, please check with the US Customs and Border Protection or with your Consulate/Embassy in Canada.
Are the Canadian debit/credit cards accepted in the USA?
The major Cards are accepted in the USA, but each transaction costs some fees that varies depending on you bank. It's better to change the currency in your bank in Canada before travelling.